About Killarney

The development of Killarney began in the mid 1750’s as a result of the vision of Thomas the 4th Viscount of Kenmare. He was quick to see the potential of Killarney to offer something that would entice visitors from far and wide. Over 250 years later, having attracted millions of visitors from across the world it’s clear that his confidence in the beauty of Killarney was not misplaced and it will provide a draw for many generations to come.

The natural beauty of the area is very much due to the actions of physical geography; the area has been subject to volcanic action, glacial action and weathering. Its beauty is the synthesis of millions of years of activity. 

Nowadays, the area is home to an array of flora and fauna. For example, the area supports over 500 species of moss and is also the home of the largest yew forest in Europe